Sunday, March 16, 2008

crazy crazy crazy

These last two weeks at work have been just completely nutso. I've had a bill or amendment on the Senate floor pretty much consistently for the last two weeks. And while the Senate is usually only in session Tues - Thur when they are in they're pretty intent on cranking out votes any time during the day, so I was pretty much on call to be down on the floor whenever I was needed. This is all to say that I haven't been getting alot of after work riding in.

It you're interested in seeing what I do with my day job, click on the youtube video below and you can see me sitting next to Senator DeMint.

When I have been getting out the rides have by and large been great rides. I rode yesterday out in the boonies of Virginia in a place called Nokesville. Its out past Mannassas. The ride was the team's first ride out on the roads and I think everyone did great. Folks are starting to settling into the longer rides and aclimating their bodies to being in the saddle for long peiods of time.

We're really starting to accumulate the distance now with yesterday's ride logging in at 36 miles. The course was fairly flat but we did get a good bit of wind to make things a little more challenging. I was able to maintain a 17.0 mph pace over the lenght of the ride which I was very happy with. The map is below.

My fundraising is going well, but I can always use some more donations. Next week is recommittment when we pledge to do the ride. I'm sure I am going to make my fundraising goal, but it would always be better to make it sooner rather than later. If you could help out, please click here.

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