Monday, March 03, 2008

WABA Vasa 14 miler riders

Jake and I made it out for another WABA / VASA bike ride. This year's ride was just as much fun as last year's ride and went by a little quicker.

With the addition of the road bike to Jacob's cycling arsenal we were really able to put the hurt on the mileage. Jake rode super well and we were able to keep up with the rest of the folks doing the 14 mile ride.

Some of the highlights of the ride included a swing by the new Nationals stadium, which looks like a fabulous expenditure of $600 million. Hopefully we will get to a game there if for no other reason than to see what $600M looks like. I do hear they will be having a bike valet at the stadium, so that might be an option for getting there.

We also did a lap around the old Nationals Stadium RFK. There is a brand new trail there which is super smooth. While we were there there was a car in the parking lot doing some kind of would back up real fast and then slam on the brakes and turn the wheel and spin the car around. I saw an episode of something on the discovery channel where they taught secret service agents to do the same maneuver with a stretch limo (a J turn?) was much more impressive than the tricked out Scion we saw.

We made our way back through the city on some of the bike lanes and then eventually down Pennsylvania Avenue past the Canadian Embassy, past the White House and then back to the Swedish Embassy.

Since we were much faster this year, the soup was still hot when we got there. I enjoyed it. It was a blueberry soup with a nice blend of sweet and savory. And it warmed you up very well. Jake didn't think much of the soup. The embassy is exactly what you'd think the swedish embassy would look like. Very sleek modern and blond.

The ride was great and a nice dad Jake bonding activity.

More Photos Here

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