Monday, March 24, 2008

You ever have one of those perfect rides

You ever have one of those rides or runs when you go out and every thing is perfect and its just a fabulous ride? Well Saturday's ride was nothing like that. Had it been closer to Passover I would have thought it was a divine re-enactment of the 10 plauges in cycling form. We had sleet...we had snow...we had rain...we had wind...we had wrong turns...we had broken cue sheets. It was a taxing ride and made the day take longer and feel colder than it would have had it just been a normal ride during a sunny day.

The sleet was a new experience. I don't think I've ever ridden in sleet before. The sounds of the sleet tapping on my helmet reminded me of the sound that we used to hear when we would camp-out in the old pop-up camper and it would rain..plink - plink - plink.

But to put it all in perspective a cruddy ride is still better than sitting on my duff watching the boob tube.

More importantly though, as hard and physically taxing as this ride might have been it is nothing compared to the challenges men, women and children face when they're fighting blood cancers. I may piss and moan about the cold, but being chilly for a while is nothing in comparison folks fighting cancer endure.

On that note, we've got a great team out there and a large proportion of the Team has recommitted (meaning they've absolutely positively pledged to raise the minimum funds required) for Tahoe (me included). We're going to have a great group out there and it looks like we're well on our way to having the National Capital Area summer teams (run, cycle, & tri) raise over $1,000,000!!

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  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    As a Tahoe '07 participant, I was thinking of the Tahoe '08 team as I listened to the sleet while sitting on my duff watching the boob tube. I think you are right, a cruddy ride in the sleet would have been better. GO TEAM!