Sunday, April 06, 2008

Crossing the Halfway Point

This week represented a turning point in the season. We've crossed the halfway point and are ramping up the training rides. This weekend's ride was 50 miles long, getting us 1/2 to the 100 mile ride in June.

This weekend's ride was a bit of a production to get to. On Wednesday we thought about rescheduling because of pending rain but decided not to, but by Friday the rain looked really threatening so we decided to move the ride from Saturday to Sunday. Well low and behold it was 60 degrees and beautiful on Saturday and during the ride on Sunday it was roughly 45 degrees and rainy.

I won't go through all the details but all things considered I feel really good about this ride. It started out a bit rough. There's a rule of thumb in cycling that you should roll out of the parking lot feeling a bit cold and then within a few miles your body will warm up and you'll be comfortable. With all the rain and grossness at the start I figured I would throw on my wool sweater. Well I should have known better because I was warm before I rolled out of the lot. Well the first road we got on - snickersville road - was relatively challenging and my body really started turning up the heat and by 6 miles in I felt like I was about ready to puke all over the road. We got to the first SAG stop and I took off the sweater and felt alot better. My body cooled down and I was able to knock out the remaining 40 miles. Even though the weather was pretty gross with persistent rain and a relatively cold riding temperature I felt really good out there. My body felt good and was responding well to the ride. I didn't burn up any asphalt by any means but I felt good. Sadly though, Noel dropped me on the last 5 miles of the ride and finished before me. Show off.

Again a great ride and a great box to check on the way to being ready for Tahoe. All the teammembers seem to be doing great and we're going to have a huge fit and ready team out at Tahoe.

The course and elevation charts are below (Click to enlarge chart).

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