Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Step - Two Steps - Getting Closer

Ignore the vague Nitzer Ebb reference above its just my way of pointing out that we're getting closer to the ride in Tahoe. I was sending out a email to my teammates this week and I looked at the number of outstanding rides that we have left and we only have 5 organized weekend rides left before we ship our bikes out to Tahoe. This season is flying by!!

I've been very impressed with my teammates this year. We have 92 people on the team who will be going to out to Tahoe this year. We've started to do some of the longer rides with this weekend clocking in at 54 miles with a fair amount of climbing. Riders have really come a long way since the first ride out on Hains Point back in January. I can see alot of riders are getting their legs and they are noticing that riding is getting easier, their recovery from rides quicker and extended time in the saddle isn't so taxing on their bodies.

As for me, I'm feeling really good. I did the 54 mile ride with the team this weekend and felt really great after the ride. My climbing has improved significantly since last year - dropping 25lbs probably has alot to do with that. Last week's ride was one of the best I've had all season and I felt like I could have done at least another 30 miles after I finished the ride.

Like I've said we have 5 more rides left before the team packs up and heads out to Tahoe. I'm feeling really good about my fitness and am feeling pretty good about my fundraising. I think the ride this year will be very exciting and alot of fun. It certainly will have to be more enjoyable than last year.

I'll keep everyone informed as we get closer, but thanks in advance to everyone for their support.

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