Saturday, April 26, 2008

Passing Over the Road

So as some of you may know its been passover the last week. Passover is without question my favorite holiday of the year. The story of the Exodus is inspirational and the Seder with the family is one of my favorite activities of the year.

Of course the only downside is the dietary restrictions. But it reminds us of the importance of the holiday and the importance of the Torah. I can suck it up and forgo the cookies and cakes and the candy bars with corn syrup in them for a week. To compensate, I did hit the K for P ring gel candies pretty hard this year.

I've been doing pretty good with my riding lately. I've posted a couple recent rides below. We're doing a 66 mile ride out in berryville this week which I am taking a pass on because the kids are over this weekend. I'll throw in a longish ride some time this week. With the Senate in a bit of a holding pattern I can probably slip something in afterwork this week.

I organized my weekly buddy ride this week and when I got 3/4 of the way in to the office I realized that I had put my bike on the back of the car but I had neglected to toss my riding clothes in the car. Since I had organized the ride and I was the only team captain that was going to be down there I decided I really should ride. Fortunately I had an pair of carpenters jeans in the trunk so I tossed them on. I looked like a real class act doing laps down at Hains Point in a helmet and cycling shoes and jeans and an undershirt. I would have looked much classier if I could have been decked out like Coppi et al on the right.

The ride turned out to be pretty decent and I was able to get some good riding in and I didn't grind my bits and pieces off with the denim.

Thursday night was alot of fun. During the day it was "Take Your Son and Daughters to Work Day" in the Senate so I took the girls in with me in the morning. They were angels. They behaved amazingly well and everyone was super impressed with them. Bekah even fell asleep during a Commerce Committee mark-up which probably says more about the mark-up than it does about Rebekah's behavior. Fortunately she didn't snore.

I dropped them back off at school and by that time the day was pretty much spent. I dropped my car back in the parking lot and took off for a spin down at Hains Point. I did two laps down at Hains Point - it was surprisingly populated for pre-rush hour. I spent most of the ride thinking how I could organize a really good bicycling tour of the greater DC area showing tourists all the great bicycling accessible sites in DC via bike - Mount Vernon - The Mall - Olde Town - and even as far out at the Shenandoah Valley. Alas I have a day job that I like a whole lot - even if it doesn't like me sometimes.

After spinning around Hains Point twice I headed up to Bethesda on the CCT to meet Noel at Black Finn for her fundraiser with teammate Africa. They did really well and auctioned off tons of great stuff and looks like they made a decent bit of money. I have a similar event coming up in a couple weeks (see post below.)

Anyway, Passover ends at sundown tonight so I think we'll have to celebrate with a pizza or something similarly yeasty and bready!!! The kids have already requested pancakes for breakfast for tomorrow morning.

Below is the ride to the fundraiser and my most recent team ride out in southern Maryland.

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