Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back on the bike

So like I posted last night we got our bikes back.  I had done some work on my bike before we came out and I thought the work wasn't as good as it should have been but when I got the bike back yesterday the front brakes looked much better than I thought I remembered.  

We rode about ten miles this morning down to Zephyr cove to take a team photo -- at some point I'll post an electronic version of it on the site.   On the way back from the ride we stopped at the post office and a local skate and ski shop to pick up a shirt for Jake.   On the way out of the shop my bike hit a patch of sand and my bike slid out from under me in the middle of the street.  Nothing hurt other than my ego from crashing in front of a bunch of traffic.   

We've had lunch and picked up all our stuff for tomorrow.   

We sold a ton of socks this morning - 200 pairs in fact - and are going to head to some of the pasta parties in a few minutes to sell off the rest of the stash.  

More to come later tonight.

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