Friday, May 23, 2008

Kenny Curtis has a Farm....

Interview with Kenny Curtis of XM Radio |
So you do all the voices for the characters?

I do them all [There are at least 10 different regular animal characters in skits on the show including Forrest Skunk, Bear E. White, Vinnie Da Pooh.] except for Dentina the Tooth Fairy. We have a couple of thousand skits pre-recorded, ready to be plugged into the show. They are scheduled by the software. We will record new stuff nearly everday.

For phone calls, I tend to take those off the air, record them and play them back. I’m a little nervous about talking to kids live. Plus most kids want their requests played on the way to school which is about the same time for everyone across the US. So sometimes I have to record and play them back and know that kids may not hear the request.

My colleague, “Absolutely Mindy" [afternoon host, Mindy Thomas] will do live conversations with kids. She’s braver than I am.

My bike shipped out the other day, so there's not really alot of tombike news for me to promote. So for the time being I am just going to blog on miscellenous stuff.

Thought I would pass along some stuff about XMKids. Those of you who spend any amount of time in the car should seriously consider getting an XM Radio if for no other reason than XMKids. The Kenny Curtis Animal Farm is fun for kids, smart and entertaining. My 5 and 7 year old girls really love it. I think it might have been the highlight of their vacation in Williamsburg last year when they were able to get a request played on the air.

Anyway, the show is well produced, entertaining and makes kids music tolerable and often enjoyable for parents. I highly recommend it.

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