Friday, June 06, 2008

This is cycling

New York Times: The Climb blog features expert advice from Jonathan Vaugthers
From the post: “Rule 2: Don’t be self-conscious. Suffering isn’t pretty. It isn’t meant to be. If you are going about your business of climbing properly, you will be breathing like a water buffalo, sweating like a chain gang, and probably have snot dribbling off your chin. If this is not the case, you aren’t doing this correctly.”

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Really - I'm going to get to it soon

Really, I promise I will get to posting the ride report soon. The ride went great I just haven't had the time to sit down and knock out a blog post. In the mean time here are some photos from this weekend.

Coleman and Kelly Post Ride
Bikes as far as the eye can see at the King's Bay Lunch Stop
Looking good
Tahoe 2008 035
Tahoe 2008 027

Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm growing to hate airtravel

Got the full terrorist examination from the TSA folks for trying to bring a pedal wrench in my bag - which btw the same TSA guys in DC let right through.

Now I'm squished into a rotting A319 operated by AmericaWest - the nation's worst airline.   Also nothing says ancient aircraft like ash trays in the armrest.   When was the last time you could smoke on a domestic US flight?  Carter administration?  Maybe I've lucked out and gotten a converted aeroflot liner.   If I see any cyrillic in the next 5 mins I'm running for the door.

Finished well

I was really happy with my ride yesterday - I'll write a good ride report in the near future.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported me!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Just finished spooner - no real stopping - 30 seconds to refill water but otherwise super rock solid climbing up to the top.

Dropping 25lbs make a huge difference.  Very proud of myself!!!!!


Getting in and out of lunch quick here
Getting ready to head up spooner
Feeling a little grrr--- coordination is not the best here.  
Ride wise I'm feeling good though.
30 miles to go until a voictory beer!!


We were running a paceline out of truckee and we stopped short and the whole line fell on top of itself.   We had 8 guys running a paceline and the last three fell on top of each other.   No one was seriously hurt - but Coleman got a flat so we're replacing that now. 

We'll be back on the road in a few minutes though.

10:34:02 AM


We're at mile 44 rest stop - the line for the spot a pot is huge.

Noel and I are riding at roughly the same pace.

I'm still feeling really good - I jumped on a 20 guy pacee line in here - a ton of fun - unfortunately its uphill slightly and consistently for abt 8 miles.

I'm still feeling really solid

I was bummed coming out of the last rest stop becuaser there was no clothes drop and I wanted to ditch my leg warmers - fortunately I was able to peel them off as I rode.

Off to find tea.mates so wee can form up a nice paceline to make the ride back a bit easier.

9:35:38 AM Sun, Jun 1, 2008

26 miles

At the first resdt stop.
Did better than ever climbing through emerld bay.

Feeling really stoked and feel like I am going to kick the rides butt.   Its starting to wa3m up a good bit so I'm going to shed my long fingerred gloves and leg warmers.

Ok time to grab food and water and go.

At the start