Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eat to Ride / Ride to Eat ??

The Feed Zone: Vande Velde the Eating Machine
On an average day, each rider drinks about 8-10 bottles. That is about the same for Christian. As for food, normally they each have about 3-4 CLIF bars (Mojo, Nectar, Luna and the original - just depends on what their taste buds dictate that day!), 8 CLIF Gels, 5 packs of CLIF Shot Bloks, 2 fresh panini, and 5-7 of Allen Lim’s special rice cakes. Sounds like a lot, no?

Well we had to double that for Christian on stage 10 (and well most days)!!! He was an eating machine! And still hungry at the end of the race! He ate a CLIF Builder’s protein bar and drank 1.5 liters of CLIF Shot Electrolyte drink!

Dude, this is alot of food. But they are the only team in the tour that I can think of that is sponsored by a food company -- am I missing anyone??

I would love to find out what are in the panini! And where are the burritos?? Why no burritos??

Seriously though, if you're interested there's a video on the Slipstream page showing how to make Allen Lim's special rice cakes. Unfortunately I can't seem to embed the video in my blog. Anyway, as a big favor to you I've watched the whole 5 minutes of the video and have transcribed the recipe for you.

3 eggs scrambled
Cup of sushi rice to 1 & 1/2 cup Water - simmer for 20 minutes
dump sushi rice into a pan
toss the eggs on top of the rice
toss some bacon/ham on top
top with some parmesan cheese
maybe a little soy
mix it all together with a fork

Then smush it into the corner of the pan and pack tight.

After it cools cut into squares and wrap in aluminum foil.

I think I'll have to try a couple of these for my next long ride.

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