Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tom Boonen Specialized Roubaix Commercial

I almost feel bad for Specialized. This commercial has been running during the Tour de France lately. As you may have heard Boonen got kicked out of the TdF a couple weeks ago because for reasons likely only known to him he thought it was a good idea to do a little cocaine a couple weeks ago -- what was the likelihood he'd get caught. Its not like anyone is paying attention to dope.

So Specialized gets screwed. Surely they contracted with Versus months ago for the commercial slots and I imagine they didn't have a decent commerical in the can to throw up in place of the Boonen commercial.

Hopefully companies will realize Boonen is an ass and won't sign him on for sponsorships. Certainly being kicked out of the TdF and not being able to get any big wins there will reduce his sponsorship appeal.

Certainly not fair to the folks at Specialized.


  1. i can't believe they are still running it. saw it again today on versus.

  2. Yeah - its really amazing especially in light of Ricco et. al.

    I can't see how the folks at Specialized don't think this is bad for their brand. No one I've encountered who follows cycling (and would be watching the TdF on versus) is not fully outraged by the doping in cycling.

    Even though coke isn't a performance enhancing drug of the same ilk as CERA, its still a drug and verbotten under the rules.

    Specialized needs to get their act together.