Wednesday, July 09, 2008

TV interfering with my reading

Not in the way you think. If you look at the screen shot of my blog reader on the right you see that I've got quite a few blogs that I try to read from. I've carved them into four distinct groups: biking, food, general, and politics ... comprising most of my interests. (if for some reason you're interested in reading what I think is interesting click here and subscribe to the RSS feed)

Anyway so back to my problem. As you might have guessed I am a bit of a biking fan. As you also may know this weekend started the Tour day France. I very much enjoy the tour and provided no knuckleheads decided to take some banned substance I will enjoy three weeks of the hardest sporting event on the planet.

So here's the thing. I work for a living ... well I'm employed by the U.S. Senate. we can debate whether or not you want to call what I do all day work ... but none the less, my bosses would be upset if I spent the next three weeks watching the TdF at the office. So since Noel is awesome and got a TiVo a while back, when I come home every evening a TiVo-ed version of the TdF is waiting for me. ---An aside, TiVo on Versus is much better than Versus live - ya know why - because Saab was born from jets.

So here's my problem. I like to read the blogs. But all the good biking blogs will burst my bubble by announcing the winner some time in the middle of the day (the french being 6 hours behind) - and I will unfortunately know ahead of time that Thor G-D of Thunder eeked out the win in the Stage 2 sprint. Sucks a little of the fun out of it.

So here's what I've had to do. I'm resorting to reading things by category which is really not as much fun because I like the chronological mix up of blog posts...but if I let the biking post sneak in I'll be without the thrill of wondering who is going to surprisingly do something great or who is going to blow up on some Col somewhere. So it looks like my bike reading with have to slow for a bit - it'll just give me something to do with all the hopefully post-tour biking enthusiasm.

BTW: check out the commercial below. As with all Versus commercials they are overplaying it(playing too many times), but its really well done.

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