Saturday, July 19, 2008

Western White House: August 2008 Clean Cycling Event

There should be the following ceremony at the Western White House in August:

The President should invite all the members of Team Garmin and Team Columbia to Crawford to celebrate their recent clean performance at the TdF. Attendees should include:

John Burke President of Trek and Chair of the President's Council on Physical Fitness
John Walters, Director of ONDCP
Team Garmin/Chipotle (including of course JV, Allen Lim, Danny Pate, Christian Vandevelde, and Will Frischkorn )
Team Columbia (making sure BIG George Hincapie is there)
And of course the President

This would be a perfect opportunity for the President and the leaders of the American cycling community to make the point that you can compete clean and you can win. As of latest count Cavendish has four stage victories, Garmin had the yellow numbers for a few days, and Christian Vandevelde is in a podium position, among other highlights from the season.

These guys have competed at the top of their sport, in the hardest athletic event on the planet all while staying dope free. Particularly hard considering the pressure there is on the Tour to cheat.

The doping over the last couple years has been demoralizing for alot of fans. Bringing these teams out to Crawford for a press conference and a ride with the leader of the free world would be a great way to turn the story around! Heck it might even put some pressure on more mainstram U.S. sports to get serious about weeding out their cheaters.

I try not to mix my interest in politics and cycling too much, but I think this is a decent exception to that rule.

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