Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cyclocross looking unlikely this year

So for about a week I though I was going to race cyclocross this year. I was super excited about it because I had been really looking forward to racing and I was also looking forward to getting out in the mud and grass and racing.

So of course in normal impulsive manner I went out and purchased a bunch of stuff for cyclocross - new fork, two new tires, some new brakes. All kind of good stuff. I got a good deal on most of the stuff and I was pretty stoked to begin racing. Unfortunately, what I didn't check was to see if the rear triangle of my bike would take a cyclocross tire. Well lo and behold it doesn't. I discovered this this afternoon when I tried to toss a 32mm tire on the rear wheel. There are some 30mm tires out there that MAY fit, but I am so demoralized about the whole process that I'm not really even feeling up for ordering one to find out that it doesn't fit. GRRR. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

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