Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Saturday Ride

I rolled out Saturday for a 42 mile ride around greater Davidsonville (map below) and it was one of those rides where shortly after I warmed-up everything started working and I was hitting on all cyclinders.  I was 65 or so degrees out and I was able to get my legs working and really turn the pedals over.

Its not the hardest ride ever but its not the easiest either and with St. George Barber Road and some other hills it certainly includes a fair bit of climbing.  I felt really great and was able to finish up the ride with a 17.7 pace over the 42.  I was really pleased because I had been feeling a bit cruddy lately - I'm not sure if it was the couple pounds I put back on or if I overdid things when I did that century a few weeks ago.  I hope this is a good omen and bodes well for my upcoming plunge into cyclocross.  (More to come on that later this week)

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