Friday, August 08, 2008

Holy Hail Batman!!!

So I had some time tonight between when I got home from work (~4:45) and when I had to be at a meeting tonight (7:00pm) so I figured that would give me enough time to get on my bike and go for an hour spin and still be back in time to shower and get ready.   The timing worked out alright.

What I did not check out was what the weather was for today.  We'd been having a bunch of fast and furious little storms rolling through the area today... you know the ones that make scary little red spots on the local radar.  While I was at work we had a bunch roll through and I figured we had seen the best of it and it was all clear for the day.   Boy was I wrong.

I rolled out of the house heading south on Muddy Creek Road.  I made it 32 minutes out and turned around to head back in....I figured I didn't have much more than an hour.  Well I was say 15 minutes in to the way back and the heavens opened.  It was coming down so hard that I had to tilt my helmet down so that the lip of it would block a bit of the rain and let me see.   I got stuck in one of those nasty little red areas you see on a radar map (yesterday's actual radar map is to the right).  It literally took less than a minute for the rain to totally soak through my bib, jersey, socks and shoes.   It was what my mom referred to as a "frog strangler."  I'm not quite sure of the etymology of "frog strangler" but being that froggies seem to be quite at home in the water, it would clearly take alot of water to strangle them....we got that today.   It was so bad that I had my blackberry with me and I was seriously worried that the rain was going to kill my BB (especially concerning because the office IT guy is heading out for vacation and I am going to be out next week -- there was a moment where I thought I could be sans crackberry for a couple can imagine how frightened I was)

So if the rain wasn't bad enough, it started hailing.   This was crazy.  It was like when you camped in a popup tent - but the plink plinks were on my helmet.   Fortunately the rain was warm and the hail not too large so it was really just a matter of keeping the bike on a straight line and not doing anything too crazy.   I made it back to the house after doing 19.7 miles at a nice pace.    The wet clothes and shoes are in a pile on the floor downstairs trying to dry.  I will have to remember to toss the shoes on the deck tomorrow so that they are dry for my ride on Saturday.

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