Sunday, August 24, 2008

Noel is an IronGirl

Noel before the start of IronGirlAs I've mentioned earlier, Noel is awesome.  Well she proved it again this weekend by completing here first triathlon and kicking it's ass.   Loving the Run!I'm not going to do a ride report, because I am sure she will do one some time in the future and its really her's to do, but I did want to comment on how impressed I was with her.   She went out there and really kicked it in the swim, totally stomped on it in the bike ride and then kicked it in the final run.

She did so well that she placed first in the Athena under 40 class, 13th in the 30 to 34 age group and 98th overall in the race out of nearly 2000 participants. And all her first time in a triathlon!! I was super impressed and extremely proud of her!!!Champion!!!

It would have been great if I had had the girls this weekend so they could have seen Noel do so well and see all the girls and women have fun at the Tri. Next year!

IronGirl was a wonderful event. They were able to get 2000 women to come out and participate in a multi-sport event many of whom wouldn't have participated otherwise. The best part was seeing daughters and sons grab their mom's hand and run the last couple hundred yards in to the finish with them. Noel had a great time today and I was extremely proud of her for taking up the challenge and doing so well. YAY PUMPKIN!!

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