Friday, August 22, 2008

Walmart or target should sponsor an endurance event

So I went out and rode last night.  Nothing too terribly exciting - 27 miles at a 18.9 pace.  Same route as this ride (slightly longer) but without the rain and hail this time.   It was a good ride and the weather was perfect.  It seems like fall is coming a bit early to Edgewater (just me posting that should guarantee that this weekend has Indian summer like temperatures) (can I post "Indian summer" - I know kids no longer sit "Indian style," they sit "criss cross apple sauce."  I actually felt pretty lame just writing those words.  oh well I guess 5 year olds don't care.)

Anyway so on the ride last night I was thinking about how more folks could get involved in endurance events.  I was thinking that it would be a perfect idea for Walmart or Target to partner with a disease charity (heart disease seems like a good one to me) and organize their own marathon or cycling event -- heck even a triathlon. (a marathon seems most likely because of the sheer number of runners) 

They could agree to pay some portion of the participants fundraising/expenses and the participant would agree to raise some amount of money for the charity.  They would then ship all the participants out to the event (the Target Marathon to Benefit the Heart Disease Society in Minneapolis or the Walmart Marathon  to Benefit the Heart Disease Society in Little Rock) and have the participants all don running singlets emblazoned with the corporate logo.   They could coordinate training runs leaving from their stores.  They could recruit employees to run the race and to spread the word to their friends.   And they could open the race to participants at large and give the proceeds to the charity.  

It would seem like a win-win for the corporation.  They already have a huge charity budget so they would just be repurposing charity funds.  They would get their name plastered all over a big event (shirts, singlets, promotional marterials, etc.).   With the increasing concerns about obesity they would look like a great corporate citizen to be working to promote physical fitness.  Participants would love them because they'd complete a life-goal type event and associate it with the sponsor.   It would also be great for the brand because customers would associate a fit and active lifestyle with the brand - even if they don't participate.  

Anyway, I was just batting it around in my head.  Maybe someone from Target or Walmart will stumble upon the post and it will inspire them to run it up the corporate ladder. 

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