Friday, September 19, 2008

As Ready as I'm going to be.

Well it's T -2 days until Charm City Cross, and I think I am about as ready as I am going to get.

I had a couple good practices this week and things are starting to feel a little better. The practice is definitely helping and I am relatively confident that the more I practice this year the better my performance will get.

I practiced with the guys from the Bike Rack on Tuesday night. I met them up at Langdon Park in NE DC. The course they put together in the park was moderately hard and alot of fun. It was a bit more technical than the course at College Park in that it had us going through a bunch of trees and making some tight turns. At the end of the loop there were two hurdles in the middle of the field to practice mounts and dismounts and then halfway through the ride there was a hurdle at the bottom of a hill to force folks off and carry their bike up the hill. All in all I felt good at the end of the ride, but it was clearly hard work and my body definitely needs some more conditioning. Hopefully that will improve as the season goes along.

I also rode Thursday night with Proteus at College Park. We had a really fun ride. We did a couple warm up loops of the standard course and then decided to knock out 4 laps in a row. The four consecutive laps was actually pretty helpful. It gave me an opportunity to get into the practice of thinking through the course and anticipating what will be coming up. It also focused my brain on pacing my body so that I don't go out and blow up right away. I also reminded myself that if I look through the turns for where I want to come out I have a much better chance of taking the turn effectively and not washing out.

Anyway, I'm pretty nervous about Sunday, but I'm anticipating that I'll have alot of fun. It should be a good time and it looks like we'll have a good group of riders heading up. I'll report back Monday with details on how it went.

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