Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Goal

So I had a pretty darn good weekend. To start at the end it was capped off with Bekah having her first full day of Kindergarten. She was super cute. Those of you who follow my flickr feed give it a look-see and check out the photos of Bekah and Sophie.

The weekend was super hectic, but in the good way. On the training front I had a great ride on Sunday. Being that it was a long weekend we had out some of our friends from Team to ride in the morning and then BBQ in the afternoon. Ned, Ann, Ann's husband Tim and Josh came out to ride on Sunday. We had a great ride which rolled out of our house and took us out to North Beach. The first half of the ride was along a route that we usually do in reverse when we head out of North Beach on the way back to the Davidsonville Park and Ride. It was actually a little more fun to do it this way because heading towards sea level is alot easier than heading away from sea level. Unless you're at the Dead Sea, the ride towards sea level is almost always down hill.

We stopped in North Beach, which has a surprising number of strange folks. Sunday's specimen was a guy wearing a skirt, with 4 piercings - in noses, eyebrows, and lips - piercings everywhere. He was a big fellow and an odd looking fellow, but the best part was that his truck had a sticker that read "I Heart Satan." Funny.

Anyway after bumping into Satan's friend at the North Beach Subway, we headed out back towards Edgewater. Josh and I shared the 25 miles on the way back. Since we were coming up from sea level we were doing a decent bit of climbing. Josh is a really strong climber and I've seen his backside on a number of rides. Its a regular occasion for me to be gritting it out and hammering up hill and see Josh slip by me on the left and effortlessly climb the hill. Sunday was no different. On the parts where we weren't climbing I had a chance to chat.

Josh set a goal and I eagerly signed up.

We're going to do the Seagull Century in less than 5 hours.

Food and all. No lolly-gagging at the rest stops. Pace lining constantly and keeping the pace up throughout. We'll have to keep it above 20mph for 5 hours. It'll take some work and a hard pace by us, but I think we can do it.

I'm excited to have a goal. It's a good motivator and it should make the ride even more satisfying. I'm excited to be doing it and am glad that Josh put it out there.

After the ride we came back to the house and had some yummy BBQ. I tossed some burgers on the grill and we had some great snacks. It was really great to decompress with a cold beer, sit around and chat with some friends and enjoy the weekend. Thanks in no small measure to Noel's watching the kids during the ride and help setting up for the BBQ it came off super well and I had a really enjoyable Sunday.

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