Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Good Day

Had a pretty good riding day today. I was able to roll out for a little while during lunch and head down to Hains to do a few laps. Turns out though I got caught in the worst of the pouring rain today, but once you're soaked through as long as the rain is warm it doesn't really make a difference. The only issue with riding in the rain today was that the rain came with a fair bit of wind. Kind of reminded me of riding Seagull a few years back and made me think if the wind is high at Seagull, keeping up 20mph will be a bit of a challenge.

Another upside was that I discovered that the Bike Rack is holding cyclocross practices on Tuesday nights, so this means that my two free nights will always be filled with CX practice. It's unlikely to keep me from getting my ass kicked at the races but maybe the extra practices will help my ass get kicked just a little bit less.

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