Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Practice Night

I headed out last night to College Park for the weekly Proteus Cyclocross practice. There was a great turnout last night with something like seven or eight riders showing up.

The practice was the same course as the week before. I'm a little annoyed with myself because there is this same corner on the ride where you come down hill fast and then have to make a very narrow turn and then head back out. On the outside of the turn is alot of tall grass. Unfortunately for whatever reason I can't quite seem to hold the turn yet and am going wide and then washing out my rear tire. Can be a bit embarrassing when you've got riders behind you. I've taken a spill on it once already. I've got a goal to master at least that turn in the next couple weeks.

Other than that we did a fun two laps at the end where we had a race simulating start - everyone lining up shoulder to shoulder and going from a dead stop. One guy ended up in some bushes which had to suck.

Other than that it was a good ride and we headed back to the shop for some post-practice pot luck.

My weakest spot is clearly the hills. I don't seem to have quite enough power (or maybe too much weight) to power up the hills. And once I get off it just keeps getting slower. Importantly though, I'm still having fun. I'm looking forward to getting my ass kicked in a week and a half when I head up to charm city cross. It should be a blast and I'm looking forward to my first race.

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