Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Proteus Rocks!!

So I rolled out of the office and headed up to Patapsco Valley State Park for some singletrack trail riding with the cyclocross bike.  I sounded like a good idea and I figured in spite of the hour long ride out of the way to head up to Baltimore for the ride it would be worth it for the change of scenery and different terrain.   

I got up there and got out on the trail and was exploring around the park having a blast.  I was enjoying myself and about 15 minutes in really hitting my grove. My legs were warm and I was really having a good time.  Then my chain stopped wanting to turn.  I couldn't make the pedal go around.  As you might imagine this is a ride limiting problem.  Somehow on one of the climbs I broke one of the links on the chain.  

In addition to being a bit pissed that I was going to have to have work done on my bike I was pretty bummed that a good ride just came to an end and I was on the other side of the park and about a mile away from my car with a none working bike.  It looked like my day was offically in the crapper. 

So I finally got back to the car and I rang the guys at Proteus up and asked them if they'd be able to fix the chain before Thursday's practice.  They said they should be able to and bring it by ASAP.  Well I rolled back down to Washington, took Yakkov into the shop and one master link and an unbending of the bent small chain ring and I was out the door with a good as new bike in under 15 minutes.  The guys there were great and took awesome care of me.  I was able to have th bike back up and running and headed over to the College Park campus to get in some 'cross training before it got dark.

I was totally stoked.  These guys were great and salavaged an otherwise crappy evening for me.  

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