Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ready for DCCX

Most of my stuff for tomorrow is ready to go. The car is clean and the girl's bikes are packed up. I know where all my clothes are and I am as much as I can figure ready to get the bikes on the car and roll out.

I think we (the Proteus team) are going to be rocking the pre-Halloween vibe with some zombie make-up on the course tomorrow. I also swung by Target tonight and picked up a nice pair of green and yellow argyle knee-high socks to roll with tomorrow. Between the 8 hours or rain we got today, the great food and beer at the ride and cool pre-Halloween vibe, it should be a blast at the ride tomorrow. Between my afternoon nap and my anticipation of tomorrow's ride I am going to have a bit of trouble getting to sleep tonight.

Anyway, here's the course we'll be riding tomorrow.

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