Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turchia di Domenica

Above is the course for this weekend.   Looks pretty decent.   It should be hilly though.  If you look at the terrain map below you can see that the park has some serious rolling terrain in it.
The email from the race states:
The course generally follows the contours of the park and includes quite a bit of elevation change, with fast downhills leading into steep climbs. Lap times will be between 7 and 8 minutes.
Which clearly means that I'll be spending significant time in the small chainring and will be dismounting and mounting frequently. If we get any rain on Friday or Saturday it should be really exciting.

Also interesting to note was:
We will have primes in nearly every race, including some unusual mid-pack primes in some races. Primes include gift certificates from Faccia Luna Restaurant, Hunter’s Head Pub in Upperville, VA, cash primes, and subscriptions to Cyclocross Magazine.

• A special treat will be the “Suitcase of Sausage” prime; it’s like Phil Liggett’s “suitcase of courage,” only different.
Unlikely I win this. Its a shame Josh Nadas - my teammate who works for the AJC isn't riding. I'd nominate him to receive it.

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