Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Intercourse

This title will I am sure send my hits through the roof.  Anyway pervs there is nothing good in this post.

I goofed and assumed that becuase every other race I've ever done starts 9am that this one would I planned my morning to get me here at 8am.  Well I arrived early and before I headed to the course I looked at the flyer for the race - CRAP - 10am start.

Not the end of the world - I found an Amish diner in Intercourse down the street from the course and am relaxing and having a bowl of oatmeal.   

Today's race should be fun - there is a coating of snow on the ground and its roughly 27 degrees - perfect cross weather.  No idea what the course will be like but if I like it - and there's a discount - I may do the 35+ masters race and do two today - although that might not be smart with Tacchino tomorrow morning.

Off to find a bank of america and head to the couse.

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