Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day Trails on the Cross Bike

First, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I have been blessed with many things to be thankful for - wonderful kids, a great GF, awesome friends, a great job and a by and large great life. I hope both of the people who read my blog have at least as many things to be thankful for.

Since I plan on hitting the bird pretty hard tonight and making some sweet potatoes my bi-atch in a few hours, I figured that it was probably wise to get in some miles on the bike today before I got some miles in at the dinner table.

Being that its always more fun to ride with another person I was able to hook-up with Jim from the Proteus team and put in some miles at the Rockburn Branch Park and the Patapsco Valley State Park. Jim's ridden here a bunch of times (including at the cross race hosted here earlier this year) so he really knew his way around the trails.

It was great fun to take the cross bike out on the trails and kick around in the dirt a little bit. The trail wasn't too harsh so it was pretty manageable with the cross bike. There were a couple spots where I had to dismount and run over the logs, but that's good cross practive. There were also a bunch of spots where I could lift the front wheel and get over the log. There were even a couple fun water crossings where I got to get wet and be a kid!

A great ride and a wonderful way to spend two hours before Turkey-day. Jim was a blast and a ton of fun to ride with. He also turned me on to some rides early next year that could be a good focus for my post-cross season riding.

BTW: 2861 miles this year - not as many as I need but not a bad number and definately within striking distance of the 3000 goal.

Map of Today's ride:

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