Saturday, November 29, 2008


Did some post turkey-day riding down at Wakefield yesterday with Chris from the Proteus team. Good riding led to the discovery of some more trails in Wakefield. Nice to get a work out in and burn off some of the bird.

Wakefield has its pros and cons. Its a decent sized but not so large that you can get lost. We spent an hour and a half there yesterday and it was pretty good and interesting riding (except for the end-o crossing the bridge). Its a bit of a hike from Annapolis and I could certainly see doing the same trails over and over again could get boring.

Patapsco on the other hand has a much larger variety of trails (something like 180 miles of trails) and is much closer. Unfortunately I have no real idea of where I am going when I am in Patapsco - so for the time being unless I want to commit a fair bit of time to just kicking around the park there, I risk riding and getting all turned around in the woods. Not the worst fate in the world but definitely a possibility and one I need to keep in mind.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some riding in this weekend with Jake. Both Rockburn/Patapsco and Wakefield are doable with the cross bike so its definitely a go to head to either one of those places. We'll see what he's interested in doing this weekend.

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