Sunday, December 28, 2008

21 Miles to Go

So it looks good for me making my 3000 mile goal this year.

With the weather turning cold I've been spending a good bit of time downstairs on the trainer. This is incredibly boring but I'm able to mix it up with some videos and at least attempt to keep the monotony at bay.

My current mileage for the year is at 2979, which provided I don't get hit with an extreme fit of laziness in the next two days puts me in pretty solid striking distance of the 3000 mile year goal. I'm pleased I hit this, but clearly there are a couple places that I could have improved my cycling performance last year:

1) Better technique in cyclocross. I've talked about this before but I just need to race cross more and get more experience.
2) Stronger focus on maintaining an aggressive riding schedule after the big rides. After Tahoe, my longer distance riding fell off quite precipitously.
3) Better diet. I did good near the end of the year last year dropping some serious weight. In March I made it below 200 lbs. Unfortunately though that seems to have been the high water mark for the year.

I'm going to focus in 2009 on working on all these things. Cross season is a good ways off so that will have to wait a while. For #2 I've organized a group to do the C&O Towpath in one day. Hopefully this will help keep my fitness and endurance up. For #3 I am almost back at 200 lbs and hopefully if I keep the riding up and watch the food intake over the next week I can head into 2009 below 200. I'm aiming for 180 and am challenging some co-workers to keep the lbs. off so hopefully I'll be able to keep things in check.

For those of you who are interested below is a graph of my monthly mileage.

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