Sunday, December 07, 2008

Finishing up the season strong

So today was the semi-offical end of my first season of cyclocross. A couple observations on the season in general and today in particular.

The season generally:
  1. I suck at the this. I'm not very fast. I'm still lugging around too many pounds that I need to shed. I make too many technical errors - pulling out of shoes, shitty mounts & dismounts, taking corners too hot, stuff like that.  The upside is that I can fix these things.  More practice, more riding and more experience.
  2. I love cross.  This is just too much damn fun.  I get to go out on the weekend and play in the mud on a bicycle.  What's not to love?
  3. The cross scene is great.  There are just a ton of wonderful interesting, great people in the cross scene.  Most folks are just out there looking to have a nice time on the weekend.  Good people,, good times, and beer.  Umm! 
  4. Competing is fun.  As you can note from (1) competing for me means keeping track of all the people who are faster than me, which is pretty much all the people.  But in the larger races (today, DCCX, wiss, gran) I'm able to find a group of folks at my pace and race against them.  I ride faster when I have someone to chase / hold off.  
On today:
  1. Focusing mentally helps alot.  The last day or so I had been thinking that I could ride much better today than I had in recent days.  I feel like it helped.
  2. Hydrating is a good thing.  Lots of water is awesome.  The only downside being the stop at the scuzzy sunoco on the way in.  
  3. I need to make a few less mechanical errors.  I pulled out of my pedals twice on the same climb twice today.  I watched a good 1/2 dozen riders pass me when this happened.   This shit has to stop.
  4. I'm getting better on technical stuff.  There were some pretty challenging technical turns on the course today that I feel like I handled pretty well.  The tight slow turns that we've been practicing on Thursday nights seem to be making a difference.  
I've really enjoyed the season.  We have a couple ad hoc races coming up including Bilenky Urban Junkyard Cyclocross outside of Philly in December and Cross Your Heart in February.  I also imagine there will be a few underground impromtu rides being thrown together.

Can't wait until next year!    

Photos from today's other races:

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