Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Jones Inc. Recovery Plan Needed Immediately

Jones Inc. Stabilization Plan
Submitted for Review to MAC, MABRA, UCI, USA Cycling and All Appropriate Racing Authorities

As frequent readers of 528K may have seen, recent performance by Jones Inc. has been sub-par.   While there are many fingers to point, Leadership understands and believes it is worth highlighting that leadership at the highest levels in Jones Inc. has made some management decisions that were not in the best interest of the organization, including but not limited to:
  1. Agreements to acquire and regularly utilize numerous high-energy sucrose laden dairy products.  The deal Jones Inc. reached with the Edy's Corporation, in hindsight can only be construed as disadvantageous to the long-term success of the organization
  2. Decisions to utilize and consume excessive quantities of organic fuels.   While it was clear that the acquisition of the fuel was not intended for the leadership of Jones Inc., efforts by other parties within the Jones enterprise to sequester the fuels, to wit: hiding them under the bed, was unsuccessful in preventing their diversion.
  3. Indulgences in luxuious accomodations when the needs of the organization would have clearly been better served by investing in long-term training and development.
This is clearly not an exhaustive list, but does serve to highlight the path that has led to the poor performance of Jones Inc.  While mistakes were made, it is unlikely that the situation will be resolved with finger pointing.

Clearly Jones Inc. is too large to fail - although some might note that it has also become too large to succeed.   None the less, the continuing poor performance of Jones Inc. could have a profound ripple effect on the associates of Jones Inc.  To avoid the tragic and widespread consequences that could result, it is imperative that a Jones Inc. Scoring Bailout Recover plan be implemented immediately.

To ensure Jones Inc.'s success in coming endeavors the following incentives must be implemented immediately:
  1. A one lap head-start competitive expansion for Jones Inc. at upcoming races
  2. Allowing  half lap short cuts  regulatory relief for Jones Inc. to ensure that high-performing competitors do not have an unfair advantage. 
  3. Acquisition of appropriate technologies so that Jones Inc. can bridge to various competitors. 
It is our firm belief that these measures will be sufficient to ensure Jones Inc.'s future competitive success.  And while we believe that these measures should ensure the enterprise's success it is important to note that this does not preclude the request of future measures at races that might be necessary to ensure success. 

Jones Inc. of course regrets having to call upon you for this support, but knowing that you understand the importance of Jones Inc.'s sucess to everyone invloved, we are confident that MABRA, MAC, UCI, USA Cycling will do the right thing.

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