Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Season Wrap Up

So a couple minor things here and there. Here are my results from this year:

Charm City Cross Cat 4 Men proteus bicycles 78 (600.44) 84
Granogue Cross C Men proteus bicycles 84 (699.17) 95
Wissahickon Cross C Men & SupaFan U19 Men proteus bicycles DNF (600.34) 97
City Bikes DCCX Cat 4 Men proteus bicycles DNF (726.62) 100
Wonderland Cyclocross MEN C PROTEUS BICYCLES 25 (640.27) 32
Tacchino Ciclocross Men 4 proteus bicycles 53 (649.11) 63
Capital 'Cross Classic C Men & U19 Men proteus bicycles 61 72

I did in fact finish at Wiss and DCCX but as Jim said I think I fell victim to the end of the race judges inattention.     As I said in the last post, I'm happy with how this season went, but am definately going to focus on improvement next year.

Also I am super pysched about the attention my flikr set of Capital 'Cross photos received yesterday.I got 3019 views to my photo stream yesterday and  am currently at 816 views for the set!!! 

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