Friday, January 09, 2009

Gearing Up!!

Have I used that pun before?   Yeah well - had to at some point.

So I got in a nice ride last night.  Josh met me at the parking lot of my office after work and we headed up to Proteus.   He took me up there via some roads and trails I hadn't traveled before.   I think we hit the NE Branch trail for a bit and then jumped onto the roads behind Rt. 1 in College Park for a little bit.  It was cold but it was a pretty clear night and the wind wasn't too terrible.  Josh loaned me a light and we were able to get up there pretty quickly.

We hung at the shop for about 3 1/2 hours or so while Josh replaced the drive train on his MTB.  Due to some overly aggressive tightening of the bottom bracket in the past by Josh, extraction of the cups required the use of vise grips and the application of some serious leverage in the form of an improvised lever and some serious umpth from Ben.   It was a sight to see, and quite an impressive mechanical feat.   After 4 slices of pizza, a few beers, 3 chain rings, 2 derailleurs, 1 bottom bracket and a little bit of football we were able to get back on the road and head southbound towards the city.

We rolled out just before 11 and almost immediately discovered that our lights didn't have much charge left.  This made riding the wooded trails back prohibitively dangerous and/or slow, so were went with an audible and headed down Rhode Island avenue back towards home.  By this time of night Rhode Island was almost deserted, so it was a cold and lonely ride back - but a good crisp ride.  I split with with Josh at 1st and RI  NE and he headed back to his house and I headed back to the car and drove home.   Map below.   And oh yeah -  Josh discovered today that he was riding last night on a broken front axle.  Not good. 

This weekend looks like running on Saturday morning in yicky  weather and then some riding on the C&O on Sunday - possibly in residual snow.  

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