Thursday, January 15, 2009


I know. I've never been a big fan of runners, but I have to say that this 5K class that I am taking is really making running quite enjoyable. I am finding that now that I seem to be able to manage the shin splints with pre-run stretching that I can actually have quite enjoyable runs. And since running is a little easier to do in a pinch (no getting the bike off the car finding somewhere to ride, etc.) I think I might be able to tuck in workouts a little more regularly.

Most importantly I have discovered that running can be alot of fun with music. I hit the treadmill the other night with the iPod and really enjoyed running with the Kaiser Chiefs blasting. I did end up listening to some good songs that were sadly not particularly running friendly. Good music and all, but not much to run to. So to keep a steady beat in my ears, I made a playlist. I know you want to know and without further ado here it is:

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