Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Could an Android enabled phone replace my Garmin

Official Google Blog: Happy trails with My Tracks for Android-powered phones
Many GPS receivers require you to plug a separate device into a computer, install software, transfer, convert and upload your track to the web. With My Tracks, this has become a whole lot simpler. I no longer need to carry multiple devices when I go out for a ride, and I can easily share my rides on the spot with anyone I'd like by recording and uploading my track right from my phone and then sharing it out via email or even Twitter.

This seems very tantalizing. I'm usually lugging my BlackBerry out on the road with me anyway, so it would actually reduce the amount of crap I have to stuff in my jersey pocket.

Also the uploading seems much easier than the rigamaroll I have to go through currently.

Maybe it'll come to Blackberry soon.

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