Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Race of the Season - First Race of the Season

So I'm at least a week overdue on a race report from Cross My Heart.  The importnat stuff up front.  I finished 43 out of 57.  While that's still in the ass end of the pack, I actually feel pretty good about how I performed.  (This is of course not the important info but I did want to toss it out out front.)

cross my heart cyclocross spectator mapA couple things I think were worth noting about the race.  It was a pretty technical course with a moderately sketchy surface.  We'd had a bunch of snow and freeze thaw cycling in the week approaching the race so the day before the course was covered with a crunchy layer of frozen-over icy snow.   But the day of the race the local weather decided to spike up to roughly 60 degrees and get the ice and snow all melty.  When combined with riders rolling through the course all day the course became pretty muddy pretty quickly in alot of spots.  It turned out to be alot of fun. 

One of the more interesting spots in the course was a turn into a mulch pile area were you took a turn left, went up a short steep hill, turned almost 180 degrees and came back down. The mulch and dirt on teh hill was a bit loose so it made getting up and down it a bit tough.  On the third lap I was pleased that I was able to make it though the turn and back down the hill upright and with a bit of speed.  Unfortunately I came into the next turn a bit too hot and hit an as yet unmelted patch of ice and lost the bike out from under me.  I swear that up until that lap I was chasing a race who would later finish 20th in the race.  Maybe I'm kidding myself but between that fall and one I took a little later in some mud, I lost some serious time and places when I went down.  But keeping control of your bike on sketchy surfaces is a big part of the race. 

The course over all was great though.  I really enjoy the more technical courses over the faster ones.  They promote more thinking and tend to keep you on your toes more.   This one made for good fun and a challanging race. 

Hopefully next year Jim will decide to move it even closer to the end of the MABRA cross season so we can have even more folks out at the race.  

Can't wait for next year's season to start! 

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