Sunday, March 01, 2009

Jim V. Still Awesome After All These Years!

In spite of Jake having some variation of a sinus infection, we still have had a pretty awesome weekend with a bunch of Dad/Dude bonding. Jim V is responsible for a good portion of it. For those of you who don't know Jim V. he's 110% awesome. How is he awesome you might ask. Well certainly there are many reason's Jim V. is awesome but this particularly instance of awesomeness centers around Jim V.'s generosity.

As some of you may have seen, Jake is very into biking. He did a 'cross race last year and had alot of fun and is looking to do a good bit more mountain biking. Unfortunately the bike he was riding was getting way too small (actually its probably more accurate to say Jake was getting bigger - fairly confident that the bike has remained the same size.) - so small in fact that it was becoming uncomfortable to ride. I had mentioned this to Jim and asking him to keep an eye out for any deals at the shop. Jim did a huge one better than that.

Jim gave Jake a long-term loan of a really great single speed mountain bike. He provided the frame, the wheelset, fork,handlebars and everything. We only had to pick up a few minor odds and ends here and there to make it trail ready, but thanks to Jim Jake was hooked up with a really great bike that he's going to have a ton of fun riding. Jim was hugely generous in loaning Jake this great bike - Jake really loves it.

Jake and I spent a bit of last night and a good bit of the time after Hebrew school this morning getting the bike ready for the road. Jake and I took to the first floor and installed the brakes and some new cables, tossed on a new chain-ring, broke and shortened the chain, mounted the fork and the head-set and tossed in the spacers on the fork. Jake is a quick study and it was fun to see his brain process and learn how the various mechanical parts on the bike worked. He's also super stoked to have a new ride. Its a sweet ride and with the current gearing its going to be a monster hill climber. Might end up being geared a bit too small, but that's fine - it'll just be a good excuse to do some more Dad/Son bike work.

Jim V.'s awesome and his generosity is greatly appreciated in Casa Jones/Turner.

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