Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Training for 184.5

So I tackled the first serious training ride of the season.  I'm trianing to ride the full distance of the C&O Towpath from Cumberland, Maryland to Georgetown in Washington, DC in one day.

This weekend I put 60 miles in on hard packed rock dust.  The surface was roughly similar to what I'll see on the C&O - smooth but not paved.  We had some light tree cover out there and chilly but warming weather.

I took a few things from the ride.
  1. Not ready yet to do that 3 times in a row.
  2. My ass needs more time in the saddle.  South of 5 hours in the saddle was a little tough on the rear.  Need to harden it up
  3. and I need to condition myself more.  and maybe most importantly.
  4. I think I can do 184, but its not going to be a cake walk.
NCR 004Those of you that read regularly will remember Ben from the last post who chewed everyone up at the Baltimore CX race.  I rode with Ben this weekend and he put some serious hurt on me.  I did ok on the first 20 but somewhere around mile 28 my legs really started screaming.  The pain lasted through around mile 40 and then a light came on (and the path got faster) and I was feeling pretty good.  I didn't roll into the parking lot doing 20 mph or anything but I did feel better at the end of the ride than I did at the lunch stop.   Ben though looked awesome all throughout.  Guy's a monster on a bike and the nicest guy in the world. 

Surprisingly there was a fair bit of climbing during the ride, which I don't expect we'll encounter on the C&O.   All in all I feel good about how I did and I am pleased that my legs aren't scream at me a day later.

70 miles in two weeks.   Map and elevation chart below. 

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