Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rainy run along the Mall

Rolled out last night for a nice afterwork run. Noel was supposed to be hitting the sack early yesterday so I figured it wouldn't be a huge deal if I stayed in DC a little later.

It had been beautiful most of the day and I was pretty excited to have a nice sunny end of the day run. Well by the time I got out of the office to walk around the building and stretch it was already crazy windy (probably 20 mph winds) and the sky was turning green. But I had already changed my clothes and was already outside so I figured I should go anyway.

Well I was about a 1/2 mile into my run (down by the NGA) when the heavens opened up. I was far enough away that there was no way I was making it back to the office without getting completely soaked so I figured I'd just have to plow through.

The run was a little rough becuase for unknown reasons (probably inadequate stretching in the hast to get out the door) I had some shin splints and some calf achyness. I ran through them, but I did run a little tenderly and this probably slowed my pace.

It was a nice run - and I think my longest to date - and I was rewarded with getting to see the Capitol bathed in orange sunlight as the sun set over the Potomac. Path below.

For details go to Abaqus GeoDiary share page for this track.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just plugging along

Things are going well - mostly. Diet went in the crapper this week with passover and the seders. I ate like a pig. Sat down one night with a jar of casher butter and tam tams. Finished half a box of tam tams and half a jar of cashew butter. not good for reducing weight.

But - I've been trying to keep up with the training with a nice 30 spin down at Hains last night and a decent six mile rune around the neighborhood last night.

Looking like I'm going to hit the mall at lunch for a maybe 5 mile run and then this weekend hopefully jump on the Bike Rack's Sunday morning ride (with my sweetie Noel) for their 40 mile ride.

Also on Google Maps Mania I came across a couple great training sites:

Check them out.