Friday, April 17, 2009

Just plugging along

Things are going well - mostly. Diet went in the crapper this week with passover and the seders. I ate like a pig. Sat down one night with a jar of casher butter and tam tams. Finished half a box of tam tams and half a jar of cashew butter. not good for reducing weight.

But - I've been trying to keep up with the training with a nice 30 spin down at Hains last night and a decent six mile rune around the neighborhood last night.

Looking like I'm going to hit the mall at lunch for a maybe 5 mile run and then this weekend hopefully jump on the Bike Rack's Sunday morning ride (with my sweetie Noel) for their 40 mile ride.

Also on Google Maps Mania I came across a couple great training sites:

Check them out.

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