Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not sooo Dreaded

So I finished my first organized 10 K this morning, the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K. I hit a couple of my main goals for the race. First and most importantly, I didn't walk any of the race. I wanted to make sure, regardless of the hills, that I ran everything. I did and I am pleased about that. I also wanted to do the race in a time that I felt was respectable for me. Considering I usually run 10:30ish when I am out running on the Mall, I wanted to run something in this area. I averaged 11:14 over the whole race. Considering that it was a pretty challenging course with 45 percent of the course being climbing I feel really good about that. That makes me feel more comfortable about being able to do the Annapolis 10 miler later this year.  The Annapolis 10 miler  has a 12 min mile requirement for finishers. (Annap. 10 miler gives away the most awesome swag, but you have to finish to get the swag - so finish I will.)

As for the course it was certainly challenging but I think I talked it up a bit in my head before the race. This probably turned out to be a good thing becuase I was ready for it to be horrible and it was only really tough. The hills themselves were pretty bad but the fact that you went down them on the way out was almost unfair. But the strategy of embracing the suck and chugging through the hills worked pretty well. I wasn't moving too quickly and there was certainly alot of "I think I can..." but it was good.

Great breakfast afterward at the City Cafe in Baltimore (HUGE mushroom omelet and a bloddy mary with old bay! Yum, Hon!). Great day so far and we've got some chicken sausage to be grilled out back coming up later today.

Elevation chart and map below.
UPDATE:Check out this video to get a feel for the course. Noel at 1:15. Me - nowhere to be seen.

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