Sunday, July 12, 2009

So what's going on.

Let's see have a couple things going on since the last posting.

The 'cross season should be starting soon. My new pedals have been giving me a little trouble now and again, but I will get more used to them and by the time cross season is in full blast I will be fine.  The season will get into full swing in September with Charm City Cross, but before that some folks up in New Jersey are putting together an event at the New Jersey State Fair. SpectraCross should be a blast and will hopefully be a fun family outing for everyone. In addition to the 'cross races there will be a demolition derby and a trials exhibition.  

On the running front I am signed up for the Annapolis 10 Miler. Two reasons to do the 10 miler. First - and most importantly - its hard and its something I haven't done before. Seems like a good enough reason. In a close second is the fact that they give away really cool swag.  But there's a hitch - you don't get the swag unless you finish under a certain pace - 12 min/mile to be precise.  So here's the thing.  I ran 7 miles on Saturday (6.92 if we're quibbling) at an 11:14 pace.   Some background. 

I blew out my calf a week ago - everything was going well - I was almost finished my run and then my leg started getting a little tight.  Being a bonehead, I figured I would just power through it until I got home.   Well then I had some kind of popping sound in my calf followed by excruciating pain.   I gimpped home to the house.  Monday it was pretty difficult to walk on.  When I ran Wednesday with Bekah I was still feeling a little twing through my calf on each foot strike, but by Friday things were feeling pretty good so I went ahead and did the run on Saturday.  

I felt good through about mile 5 1 / 2 and then my calf started to feel a bit sore and I was worried that I would blow it up again.  Considering that I kept an 11:14 pace when my calf felt a bit rough, I am optimistic that I cna keep a 12 minute pace over 10 once my calf gets back to 100%. 

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