Sunday, August 23, 2009

Light week

Spent this week on the stay at home honeymoon.  Lots of quality time with the new wife.   Good to hang out and spend time movies and such.  

I did an 8 mile run this morning with an 11:23 pace which puts me on track to make sure I get the swag at the Annapolis 10 miler next Sunday.  

Also getting very excited for 'cross season to start.  First practice is this Thursday, with a potluck following at the shop.  Means I am going to need to cook up some of the sweet potato casserole that everyone likes.   I think I finally have sorted out the issues I have been having with the left cleat on the egg beaters not releasing.  I adjusted the cleat on the sole a bit so that its has my heal facing in a bit more...this seems to let me release a bit earlier.  I practiced a bit on it yesterday and feel much more comfortable with it.  I went out on the local ball field and ran the bike up and down a first base line mounting and dismounting probably 50 times.  It felt good and hopefully i'll be able to run up the speed a bit and get on and off quicker and better.  

Run map here:

View 8 mile run in a larger map

Cross drills here:

View Cross training in a larger map

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