Friday, August 07, 2009

A new trail

So last night I was able to get out and ride with Josh from the Proteus 'cross team who I haven't had a chance to ride with in a while.  Josh is a great guy - even if he doesn't make it to my Torah Study classes  often enough - and it was great to get out on the trail with him and spend some time chatting and riding.

Josh had purchased a DC/MD/VA trail book and had read about and slightly explored a trail over in Anacostia.  For those of you who aren't super familar with DC, Anacostia is one of the rougher parts of town.   That being said, during daytime hours its fine to ride around, but I wouldn't venture over for nightime riding. 

After our ride yesterday though, I will be back during the day/right after work and I would highly reccomend hitting the trail. 
The Fort Circle Trail runs through a few different forts that were erected at the time of the civil war to protect the city.  Its not the longest trail in the world, but it has some great things going for it.

  1. The trail head is about a 15 min bike ride from downtown
  2. You'll likely have the whole trail to yourself
  3. Considering its proximity to urban life its very quiet
  4. While it clearly hasn't seen alot of work in recent times the trail is in good shape
  5. Its definately cross bike ridable but not so timid as to be boring for MTB.  I think Josh enjoyed himself on his MTB.   
All in all a great ride.  I wonder if there is more to explore (it seems like there is alot of Fort DuPont we didn't ride in.  Certainly something to check out at a later time. 

View Fort Circle Trail Ride in a larger map

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