Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New trail

I had some free time after work on Monday night so I figured I'd take the cross bike out on a new trail.  Jim had mentioned Fairland Regional Park in the past so I thought I would run out to PG county.  It turned out to be a great choice and a nice way to get some cross bike time in after work. 

The trail is definately cross bike ridable.  The grades aren't too steep and are the terrain is certainly manageable with the knobby cross tires.  There are numerous small branches and roots along the trail that enhance the riding and enjoyability of the trail.  There area also a couple large logs across the trail that will require dismounting on a cross bike (and probably on an MTB too).  The trail also has a nice section along --- I think Greencastle Road --- where there are some swoopy parts of the trail that have you going up and down quite quickly.  Fun stuff.  The trail seems very well maintained and is easily accessible.  I parked at the Park Police parking lot on Old Gunpowder Road and was able to get right onto the road from being their lot. 

As an aside, while out there I also had the good fortune to spot a couple deer.  One of them was a male deer with maybe 6 or 8 points.  Good stuff.

All in all I wouild definately reccomend going out there.  I think there is a bit more trail that I need to explore.  Its probably good for an hour or two of riding but if you're gonig to spend the whole day riding, Patapsco is probably a better bet.

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