Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bekah's First 5k

I don't know if I mentioned it, but for the last few months, Rebekah has been training for a 5K.   A few months ago we decided to pick the Run4Shelter 5K as the race that she would train for.  She did an amazing job.

Bekah finishing 5KRace day was wonderful. Mom and Dad came down from Baltimore to watch the race with us.   The weather over on Kent Island was great running weather.  It was probably in the low 60s with moderate humidity.  The rain of the last few days let up for a great morning.

The race turned out to be a perfect one too.  The course was very flat and an out and back with a loop at the turn around.  A very good starter race for Bekah

Noel and I ran with Bekah.  We paced Bekah with a minute on and minute off pace throughout the race. She kept the pace really strong throughout the lenght of the course with no stopping.   After the race Noel let Bekah know that she occasionally tacked 10 or 20 seconds onto the run portion.

On the way back once we had about 3/10th of a mile left and a boy in front of us that Bekah wanted to catch, we let Bekah run the remainder of the course.

Bekah finished really strong.  We didn't catch the boy that we were following but Bekah dropped the hammer that last little section and finished looking great.

I can't begin to describe how proud I am of her.  She set a goal and focused on it for a number of weeks and finished strong.   I know she was very proud of herself.  I think it was just icing on the cake that she finished second in her age group (under 12) and got a medal.

All in all a wonderful race and one we're likely to do again next year.  She's going to be a strong happy runner.

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