Sunday, April 18, 2010

This weekend.

So I didn't quite get as much done as I would have liked, but I did get in the long run which was the main focus of the weekend.  Events overtook the day on Sunday and I didn't get out and get on the bike.  I did get alot accomplished around the house though.

The 13 mile run went relatively well.  I headed out over a local bridge straight into the wind.  Back down back into Edgewater.  More wind.  The first seven miles were relatively uneventful, if not a bit windy.   As I turned back in for the second six, I started getting a few twinges in the right calf I blew up a couple months ago.  I was able to take a few moments, pause, and stretch my calf a bit.  I seemed to do that trick and I finished up the 13 feeling tired and sore, but not at all injured.  I'm thinking that doing another 13 weekend after next should be completely manageable (I think I'll be doing the Providence Half while Noel does the full.)

This week we'll be getting ready for Jacob's Bar Mitzvah so I expect that I won't be running to much.  Maybe I can take advantage of the 24 hour part of 24Hour Fitness next week and squeeze some workouts in.

Also thanks again to everyone who has supported my run.  Click here to help.

Here's the map of yesterday's run.

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