Friday, April 16, 2010

Training is going well.

Training is progressing along decently.   I got a ride in on Monday and ran a couple miles and hit a yoga class last night at 24 Hour Fitness. (BTW: those of you who do yoga in Annapolis should check out Di's classes at 24 Hour or Prana.  Challenging and reinvigorating)

Anyway,  I've noticed a bit more recently that my body is clearly unbalanced.  My right side is visibly stronger and has much better balance that my left.  I'm not sure how I fix this though.  I've thrown single leg spins into some of my rides to try to strengthen the left leg, but I don't really think there is an equivalent running exercise. Should I hop a half mile every few miles??

This weekend looks good.  Looks like a long run (maybe 13 miles) on Saturday morning and a ride some time Sunday, to spin out the junk and get the cycling fitness up.  

In addition to NYC Marathon, Noel and I are tentatively planning on doing the Philadelphia Colnago Gran Fondo.   It seems like it should be a lot of fun...a little less casual than some rides, but not a hammerfest by any means.  I've ridden outside of Philly in the past and the roads a good and the terrain fairly challenging.  I'm optimistic that it'll work in the schedule.    

Things are good.  I'm still holding my weight at 198, which as I've mentioned on FB is a big accomplishment for me (lowest weight since college), but is still about 18 lbs over where I want to be.  If you see me with a cookie, slap it out of my hand and scold me.  

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