Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Latest Happenings

A couple good points to note.

I've had great support from donors.  I'm 23% to my goal of raising $3,500 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me.  I really appreciate it. Your support is providing vital services to fathers, sons, husbands, brother and uncles everywhere.  Thanks! If you'd like to make a donation please click here.  Checks are always welcomed as well.  Please email me and I can give you my home address.

For those of you in the DC Area:
DASH FOR DAD, the premier prostate cancer race series in the U.S., is a heartfelt tight-knit community event that brings together athletes, cancer survivors, physicians, caregivers, family members and friends. Proceeds from each 10K race are used to provide free prostate cancer testing for men in the local community of the event.
Is coming to Alexandria.  This is a great way to help out the cause and run a little shorter route.  The run through Alexandria should be great and a lot of fun.

On the running side, I think I might have gotten the trail running bug.  As you might remember from my last post, Noel and I spent some time on the trails when we were up in Rhode Island.  I had so much fun up there that I decided that I would do one of my long runs on the trail down here this weekend.  I decided to head to Patapsco Valley State Park outside of Baltimore and put in roughly 12 miles on the trails.  I figure a good 12 miles on the trails would be like 14 on the road.  I'm not sure if that's the right conversion, but it was a blast and did kick the daylights out of me.

A couple things I discovered.  Mentally trail running is a lot more taxing and challenging.  You've got to keep your eyes on the trail constantly and think about how you're going to run all the time.  I ran without my iPod and my brain was constantly working (especially when I got off the GPS track a couple times. )  I also noticed that its a lot harder, which is great.   It took me 3 and half hours to run roughly 12 miles.  Last week it took me 2 hours 8 minutes to run 13 miles on the road.   I had a blast though and always had something to focus on out in the woods.   (BTW: there are a ton of busy woodpeckers in that forest.  It's a shock that there are any trees left.)  I was also completely spent at the end of the run.  I had to duck into the local Burger King on the way home and try the new Burger King A1 Steakhouse XT Burger (which I heartily recommend once in a great while.)

I am considering investing in some trail specific shoes and need some help from friends to find some other trails...especially those a little close to Annapolis.   (comments please)

The map of my run is below (it only says 11.2 but I ran a little extra...trust me.)

Other than that, that's about it.  I'll be doing another fundraising appeal in a week or so and may plan an auction / happy hour for the summer.

Thanks again everyone.

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