Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some times you have great runs

and sometimes you don't.  Yesterday was one of the don'ts.   I'm slowly but surely adding a mile every couple weeks to my distance until I get up to 20 miles in advance of the marathon.   I went out yesterday and did my longest run of 14 miles.   I've done 13.1 a couple times, but this was quite a bit tougher.  In hindsight I think there were a couple things that sent the run off the rails.

  1. Starting too late in the day.  I started at 11:45.  I think I may have picked the hottest part of the day.  Dumb.  Its cooler in the morning and the sun isn't directly overhead.  
  2. I didn't really fuel up properly in the morning.  I started the day with a bowl of chocolate mini wheats.  Not even close to the breakfast of champions.  
  3. I decided to fuel up mid run with 2 chocolate covered Oreos at mile 9.   This was just to not feel so bad about only spending $3 on the charge card at the take out place.  In hindsight, pure knucklehead.
So between the height of the day heat, the poor nutrition, and eating Oreos, my stupidity conspired to make for a really bad run.  Oh yeah, and at mile 3 I realized that I hadn't cover/lubricated my nipples (pretty sure those last 4 words are going to make for some great referrals in the traffic stats) so I got to run 11 miles without a shirt on...that alternative being chaffed / bleeding nipples.    It was one of those runs where I would look at the Garmin and see my pace and convince myself that the GPS was hinky and I was really farther than it thought and was clearly miscalculating my distance....nope, I was just running really slowly.   

That all being said, I slogged out the 14 miles.  Farther than I've ever gone and I don't feel like death today (YAY!) and I am going to get the bike out tomorrow and ride a bit with my honey.  So all in all I count it as a victory.  

I have learned though, that my next long run is going to start with the old faithful of a bowl of oatmeal, will begin early in the morning, and won't include any Oreos.  And my nipple with be properly prepared.   

Hopefully this will lead to better results.   15 miles in a couple weeks.   Details below.

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